Club Championship Road Race – June 25, 2017

It was a thriller at Blizzard Bike Club’s Road Championship race, Sunday.
2 lap: Lukas Brand gave Irvin Tang and Kevin Shaw the slip to win the 48km
event with a time of 1:37:02 hours. Irvin Tang was 20 seconds back in second
and Kevin Shaw was third at 1:42:42, A day after his ride to Hudson’s Hope
and back Dan Webster edged out Juan Brussow for 4th at 1:44:56, 6. Nyam
Newlove 1:51:09, 7th Richard Woods edged Bryan Grennier at 1:56:01.

1 lap: Pat Ferris won the 24 k event at 57:17 while Sam Keats and Sam Webster
came in together for 2 and 3 at 1:01:27. Rick Newlove was 4th at 1:16:34.

Thanks Rume Brussow for timing!