Club Schedule

Download the 2023 Blizzard Bike Club schedule HERE.

If you want to know what the Grande Prairie Wheeler’s club is up to you can view their schedule HERE.

DatePointsDayFinalTime 2023 
26-MarBARSunday25k2:00RRBaldonnel SchoolRoubaix Cup - One race
30-MarThurs8 / 16 km6:30Time trialBaldonnel School
6-AprBARThurs8 / 16 km6:30Time trialBaldonnel SchoolSpring stage 1
7-AprBARGood Friday3 k10:00Beatton HillBottom Beatton hillSpring stage 2
8-AprBARSaturdayLaps - Frozen John loop10:00Circuit raceTracks - Frozen JohnSpring stage 3
9-AprSunday25k2:00RRBaldonnel SchoolSpring stage 4
13-AprBARThurs8 / 16 km6:30Time trialBaldonnel SchoolSpring stage 5
16-AprSunday45k2:00RRWood corner - champ loop
20-AprBARThurs8 / 16 km6:30Time trialBaldonnel School
23-AprBARSunday24 km2:00Time trialBaldonnel School15 mi TT Trophy
27-AprThurs8 / 16 km6:30Time trialBaldonnel School
30-AprBARSunday45 k2:00RRWood CornerKing Spring, up and back
2-MayTues8k7:00MTB RideBeatton - upper parking lot
3-MayAGMWed7:00AGMAnnual General meetingStar Bucks
4-MayBARThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
7-MaySundayOld Mont store and back2:00RRWood CornerTraining ride w coaches
9-MayTues8k7:00MTB Ride
11-MayThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
14-MaySunday25 / 502:00RRBaldonnel School
16-MayTues8k7:00MTB Ride
18-MayBARThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
23-MayTues8k7:00MTB RideBeatton - upper parking lot
25-MayThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
28-MayBARSunday702:00Ride only - self timeWood CornerMile 62 and back
30-MayTues8k7:00MTB Ride
1-JunBARThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
4-JunSunday25 / 502:00RRBaldonnel School
6-JunTues8k7:00MTB Ride
8-JunThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
11-Jun2BARSunday45k2:002:00Wood CornerRoad Championship
13-JunTues8k7:00MTB Ride
15-JunBARThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
18-JunSunday502:00RRWood cornerto 62 and back
20-JunTues8k7:00MTB Ride
22-JunBARThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel SchoolPersonal Best night and photo op
25-JunBARSunday452:00Road RaceWood cornerUpper pine and back
27-JunTues8k7:00MTB Ride
29-JunThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
4-JulTues8k7:00MTB Ride
6-JulBARThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
9-JulSunday452:00Road RaceWood cornerUpper pine and back
11-JulTues8k7:00MTB Ride
13-JulThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
16-JulBARSunday50k2:00RRKal to Montney hwy and backNew finish: Froz John tracks
18-JulTues8k7:00MTB Ride
20-JulBARThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
23-JulSunday25 / 502:00RRBaldonnel School
25-JulTues8k7:00MTB Ride
27-JulThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
1-AugTues8k7:00MTB Ride
3-AugBARThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
6-AugBARSunday8k hill2:00Bear FlatsBear flats hillclimb - trophyBottom bridge
8-AugTues8k7:00MTB Ride
10-AugThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
13-Augsunday20/502:00Road RaceRose PrairieParking lot-pullout
15-AugTues8k7:00MTB RideBeattonPark - top lot
17-AugBARThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
20-AugSunday45k2:00Road RaceCecil lake
22-AugTues8k6:00MTB RideBeattonPark - top lot
24-AugThurs8 / 16 km7:00Time trialBaldonnel School
27-AugBARSunday452:00RRWood cornerChamp loop
29-AugTues8k6:00MTB RideBeattonPark - top lot
5-SepTues8k6:00MTB Ride
7-SepBARThurs8 / 16 km6:30Time trialBaldonnel School
10-SepBARsunday45 k2:00Road Racefrom Wood Corner (Mont store, left)Fallen Leaves
12-SepTues8k6:00MTB Ride
14-SepThurs8 / 16 km6:30Time trialBaldonnel SchoolLast one
17-SepSunday102:00MTB RacePotluck at lower shelter afterwardsMTB championships
19-SepTues8k6:00MTB RideGot lights?
24-Sepsunday2:00MTB RaceMTB race
1-OctSunday2:00MTB RaceMTB race
8-OctSundayTanksgivin'2:00JustARideMTB JustARide
15-OctSunday2:00MTB RaceMTB race
22-OctSunday2:00MTB RaceMTB race
29-OctSunday2:00MTB RaceMTB race
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