King and Queen Spring Road Race – May 3, 2015

It was your typical spring race for the King of Spring race this morning where riders faced all types of elements. They faced wind, rain, hail and some sun on the 60 km trek out to Upper Pine School and back where Chris Haugan attacked on the last hill before the finish and held off George Gamble and Kevin Shaw to hold the trophy as the new King of Spring Champion for 2015 with a time of 1:57:14. There was a sprint for second and third with George Gamble taking Second at 1:57:22 and Kevin Shaw at 1:57:23. The remaining times for the 60km were as follows:
4th- Barry Brandl 1:57:30
5th- Matt Gilmore 1:57:47
6th- John Obie 1:57:48
7th- Dan Webster 2:06:54
8th- Davide Loro 2:13:30
9th- Richard Wood 2:18:31
10th and the Queen of spring this year was Kristine Bock at 2:18:33
11th- Josh Telizyn 2:18:47

There was also a 30km Short distance today with Emily Shaw taking First with a time of 1:25:15. Jolea Bilodea second with a time of 1:25:19 and Pat Ferris in Third with a time of 1:25:20
Thanks goes out to Kimberly Telizyn for Timing and taking all the great Pictures Today.