Race of the Fallen Leaves – September 20, 2015

It was a great turnout today for the last road race of the season, The always popular Fallen leaves road race today. There were 20 riders at the start line and the weather was great. It came down to a Grande prairie Wheelers 3 man sprint finish with Tyler Stadnek edging out Garrett Richardson and Duncan winning his second straight Fallen leaves race with Garrett Richardson taking second and Duncan finishing off the podium in third. The remaining results are as follows.

4th Kevin Shaw 1:37:20
5th Tate Haugan 1:37:25
6th Dawitt Feyissa 1:40:33
7th Chris Haugan 1:40:33
8th Matt Ellis (GP Wheelers) 1:41:18
9th Darren Guliov 1:43:24
10th George Gamble 1:44:46
11th Pat Ferris 1:44:46
12th Barry Brandl 1:48:40
13th Richard Wood 1:51:04
14th Gary Hilderman 1:51:04
15th Davide Loro 1:59:40
Also there were 6 riders who participated in the short distance and the winner was Josh telizyn with a time of 1:05:22
2nd Ty Haugan 1:09:17
3rd Nikki Haugan 1:09:28
4th Bailey Haugan 1:09:29
5th Emily Shaw 1:10:08
6th Dian Loro 1:17:18
A big thanks goes out to Patricia Emery for timing for us today and another big thanks for the members of the Grande Prairie Wheelers for coming all this way and making it an exciting race. Hope they come out for some races next year.
This was the final road race of the season we will be Kicking off the cyclocross season I believe next sunday.