Road Race – April 26, 2015

It was another beautiful day today for a hilly road race today for the blizzard bike club where Dawit Feyissa reigned supreme and was the winner in a 4 man sprint finish with Jon Obie close behind in second. Kevin Shaw third, Matt Gilmore 4th all with a time of 1:21:25. Chris Haugan was a close fifth at 1:21:41. George gamble crossed the line in 6th at 1:26:28. Another 3 man sprint finish with Davide Loro taking 7th with a time of 1:31:19, Richard wood 8th at 1:31:33 and Pat Ferris at 1:31:39 in 9th. Josh Telyzyn beat out Sam Keats in a final sprint taking 10th and Sam 11th both with a time of 1:34:04.
There was also a shorter 20km or so distance with the results as follows.

1- Tate Haugan 55:03
2- Nikki Haugan. 56:42
3- Bailey Haugan 56:42
4- Athena Andritz. 56:45
5- Holly Christian 1:21:25
6- Dian Loro. 1:21:25

A huge thanks goes out to Patricia Emery for timing and Kim Telyzyn and her daughter for taking all of the great pictures.