Road Race – April 9, 2017

We had a dozen riders out on a warm, sunny, breezy spring day on the Cecil Lake circuit.
Tourere’s 35 k distance:
1. Robert Sapp 1:18:40 2. Ben Dawson 1:19:34
20 k cruise
1. Suzie Bach 1:31:04

50 km out and back
1. Josh Telizyn edged out Ard Hoogenboom, Nick Guliov and Nyam Newlove in a finish line nail biter at 1:45:32
5. Richard Wood beat Kristine Bock, both at 1:48:49
7. Pat Ferris 1:55:23
8 & 9. Sam Keats and Athena Andritz at 2:07:49

Thanks Kim Telizyn for timing and Kristine Bock for setting up the circuit.

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