Road Race Club Championships – May 31, 2015

Another club championship is in the books and a first time winner of this race. Matt Gilmore fought hard and countered all of Irvin Tang’s attacks on the hills today to survive long enough to take the the win on the 3 man sprint finish with Kevin Shaw taking second and Irvin Tang taking third. All with a time of 1:31:42.

The remaining times are:
4th- Barry Brandl 1:35:01
5th- George Gamble 1:36:48
6th- Jon Obie 1:38:47
7th- Darren Guliov 1:42:32
8th- Pat Ferris 1:49:41
9th- Josh Telizyn 1:52:50
10th- Davide Loro 1:57:20
11th- Rebecca Maclean 1:59:55
12th- Athena Andritz 2:01:05

There was also a 1 lap route with Sam Keats coming in at 54:30 and Jamie Gamble coming in at 1:24:42. Thanks to Kim Telyzyn for timing again. Greatly appreciate it.

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