Road Race – June 6, 2015

12 riders set off on a tough course today with 2 massive hills and a gusty headwind on the way back. As soon as the first hill hit Ben and Dawit blew the group apart with Irvin right on their wheels. Eventually Irvin was dropped and Ben and Dawit never looked back and battled it out with each other at the finish line where Ben Dawson took out Dawit Feyissa on an exciting sprint finish with a time of 1:49:24. The remaining times are
3rd- Irvin Tang 1:52:18
4th- George Gamble 1:54:01
5th- Kevin Shaw 1:54:01
6th- Pat Ferris 2:12:04
7th- Richard Wood 2:13.19
8th- Davide Loro 2:18:20
9th- Josh Telizyn 2:19:09
10th- Sam Keats 2:19:40
Robert Sapp and Dian Loro both did an abbreviated distance to Bickfords and back. Do not have a time for Robert but Dian Loro did 1:23:11
Thanks to Kim Telizyn for timing today.

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