Road Race – May 14, 2017

What started out as a potential miserable trudge turned into a wonderful

spring day ride. Owls and hawks swept across their path as the four hearty

riders took off for the King of Spring 60km race from Woods corner to Upper

Pine school and back. After a couple of stops for fallen chains and a flat

tire, the riders hit their stride as neutral ended at Montney and they headed

up into the large hill climbs. Even with the best valiant efforts from

Kristine and Josh, no one could keep up to the speed and power of Berry as he

sped away from the pack to a decisive victory. All hail the new King of


Barry Brandl- 2:03:14
Josh Telizyn- 2:08:33
Kristine Bock- 2:10:59
Richard Wood- 2:28:45

Again a multitude of thanks from Kim for timing, and for Dawit for popping by

for a quick visit to drop the trophy off.

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