Roubaix Cup (Stage 1) – March 6, 2016

Race #1 of the tough Roubaix Cup was…well…tough. Layers of packed
snow, falling snow and -6 temps made for a hard road to pedal and
steer. Dawit Feyissa was up to the challenge to win the 26 km
Baldonnel distance in 1:40:25 hours. Gary Hilderman was next at
1:54:49 and Robert Sapp third at 2:02:46. Dan Webster had 2:08:07 for
4th and Jon Obie 2:49:35 for 5th. Pat Ferris had 1:00:06 for the half
distance. Thanks Kristine Bock for timing and Kevin Shaw for following
the riders. Next race is Sunday at 2 at the Baldonnel School.