Roubaix Cup (Stage 2) – March 13, 2016

Irvin Tang won Roubaix Cup race #2, Sunday, With a time of 1:33:51
hours for the two lap event. Dawit Feyissa was second at 1:35:27 and
Ben Dawson 1:39:58 for third. Gary Hilderman was 4th at 1:44: 18 and
Jon Obie 5th at 1:45:51. Rob Sapp had 1:52:17 for 6th and Dan Webster
1:53:40 for 7th. Irvin managed to get a gap on Dawit on the fast
pavement section and hold it to the finish.
Kristine Bock won the one lap event with 1:00:49. Darren Guliov was
second at 1:06:45 and Renee Kalkman third at 1:39:58. Nick Guliov had
1:23 for 4th and Josh Telizyn was unable to finish with a bike
Thank you Kristine Bock for timing!

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