Roubaix – Race #2 – Mar 26, 2017

Roubaix cup race number two could also be called mud madness (if it wasn’t for the sections of snow, mud and ice). It was a warm and sunny day on the Baldonnel circuit with seven brave riders out to face the elements and test their endurance, grit and determination. Youth and enthusiasm led the way with Robert Sapp leading out the teenage power of Tate, Josh and Nick. The old guys trailed a little behind with Dan and Darren battling it out and Davide bringing up the rear guard. The gravel was soft, the mud was deep and the hills were killer as a result. Riders fought through slush and ice, alternated with soft gravel and four inches of good old Fort St. John mud! In the end youth won the day with the following results:

Robert Sapp 57:50
Josh Telizyn 58:50
Tate Haugan 58:51 (on a fat bike!)
Nick Guilliov 58:52
Dan Webster 1:02:06
Darren Guilliov 1:03
Davide Loro 1:15

Thank you to Kimberly Telizyn and Richard Wood for timing. We will see everyone next Sunday April 2nd at the Baldonnel school at 2pm for the third race in this crazy conditions Roubaix cup!

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