Spring Stage Race #5 – April 18, 2017

Stage #5 was our coldest ride yet in the spring series, but that didn’t stop the 6 brave souls to showed up for the fast and hilly course. The group managed to stay together until the second to last climb, and that is when youth and enthusiasm took over. Josh Telizyn and Nick Guliov shot out ahead of Dan Webster and Darren Guliov, and Kristine Bock and Richard Wood brought up the rear. The finish line got to see 3 sprint finishes as each pair came across.

Josh Telizyn: 59:53
Nick Guliov: 59:56
Darren Guliov: 1:00:09
Dan Webster: 1:00:10
Kristine Bock: 1:01:48
Richard Wood: 1:01:50

Next stage takes place at Baldonnel School for the time trial at 6:30pm Thursday night.

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