Spring Stage Race #5 Road Race – April 5, 2015

15 riders were out to battle it out at stage #5 on the Cecil lake 40km road race today. We stayed neutral until the turnaround and the pace picked up and reached speeds of 40 to 50km and hour on the way back. Chris, George and Tate put the pressure on and gapped everyone on the last hill and Battled it out for the sprint at the finish where Chris Haugan was victorious over George Gamble coming in second and Tate Haugan in third With times of 1:27:24.
The rest of the times were as follows.
4- Jonathan Obie 1:28:04
5- Ben Dawson 1:28:15
6- Roger St. Jean 1:28:57
7- Gary Hilderman 1:30:09
8- Pat Ferris 1:31:14
9- Dawitt Feyissa 1:32:14
10- Dan Webster 1:32:22
11- Kristine Bock 1:33:53
12- Athena Andritz 1:38:48
13- Jessica Telizyn 1:43:30
14- Josh Telizyn 1:45:40
And Chris Lafratta who did not finish.
Thanks goes out to Kim Telizyn for timing for us today. Greatly appreciated.